Curve of the Earth

by New Dog

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No Dreams 03:26
That wasn't me who wrote that song. I never had that much to say. I don't see wonder through her eyes, oh no. I don't see morning in a new light. I still see the grime, and now I'm up at the break of dawn. And that old me feels like a false memory — driving, driving, gone. Little wings, windows down, I'm driving past trains in town. Talk about a lost dog not wanting to be found. When I fall asleep, I have no thoughts. I have no dreams. In childhood, I called my teacher mom when I was out of words. When I fall asleep I have no thoughts, I have no dreams. All I can feel is earth pulling me down, down. Will I write another song? Will I have something to say? Will it matter if not, I asked myself, and then these words came out.
Blacked out on a bus, our old memories cut out, or rather, we cut them out altogether. If we squint, we could align our lives, map out these days a blueprint, without compromise, in our sweaty palms You asked me, faithfully,, do you believe in miracles? oh, yes i do. how else could you explain me looking at you? A legendary joyride, unapologetically swept up in our own fantasy fumbling through motel rooms taking what we could get without a morsel of regret. You cut your hair, i cut my teeth, on Kerouac, burned my clothes, ceremoniously, and never turned back. You asked me, faithfully, do you believe in miracles? oh, yes i do. how else could you explain me looking at you?
I Was Here 03:03
Flowers cast in stone, black rivers dried up, trees without memories. Swallowed by fog — its been too long it’s been too long since i looked up, ahead, or even thought of it earth sweats, stars drip i’m hanging over the parapet long, long ago, when there was tall grass the horses roamed. now im reading graffiti on a broken building that says ’i was here’ and ‘see you on the other side’ yes, but not yet i’m still here, watching the jets, waiting on the fog to clear running at night, afraid of the light kept on in the house, sucking summer air, you could choke on it if you see me getting smaller, it’s because im flying away Just like Jimmy Webb said, i got a right to disappear, to disappear.
somewhere there’s a convict in a jailcell dreaming of mowing the backyard somewhere its too hot to walk the streets somewhere, sucking the air, it’s too thick to breathe nothing, nothing touches you anymore, anymore this is the curve of the earth, where you are planted this is the magic finishing time when night tugs at the sky and the moon breaks like a mirror somewhere there is ivy crawling up the wall summer is tearing you apart somewhere you’re reaching out to touch it somewhere, sucking the air, it’s too thick to breathe and nothing, nothing touches you nothing nothing touches you nothing, nothing touches you nothing nothing touches you anymore, anymore
from time to time i think about when i was lookin for her running at night through the neighborhood, i forgot to catch my breath now i’m faithfully glued to my ways faithfully glued to you always if cats and dogs could talk they’d say ‘you’re fucking nuts but i love you anyway’ if history’s a spider, i’m caught in its web, still caught in its web but at least i accept my death it brings me closer, closer to myself now i’m faithfully glued to the screen i go to work and count the steps between the closing door and vending machine what’s that sound, thought i heard a scream
Twenty Years 03:50
at night, looking out my window and what do i see but marie changing stations in her car so i put on my shoes and stepped out and she followed me in like the wind like she had every second planned until then she said i looked the same, and i said it back what else can you say at a time like that? a man, a woman, a memory gone black if we can find it again, we might turn back the clock what’s this? a gift i saved for you for twenty years a generation passed me by and it still brings me to tears when i hold it it’s not what it says inside it’s cause that old feeling never died is there even a language we can speak anymore, speak anymore memories of memories dissolved as i stood there, sinking into the floor the lights they flickered and burned out like stars she said, “i should go, the kid’s asleep in the car”
Boy's Own 05:12
Dogs and cats in carriers Flying away to somewhere safe On the marble terminal floor I draw My knees up to my chin and medicate You are in an open boat Wrapped in your mother’s raincoat The color of all the warning signs If you’ve got gold Won’t you send it If you’ve got silver  Let’s spend it Wish I see this honey-colored moon From anywhere resembling a room But I’m out  And the night is ready to be done And I’m about to see what happens To our stalwart companions   Faster than my luck can run These boy's own tales of derring-do By booklice are tunneled through I'd hold them up to the lace... If there were a window to And if the afterlife were a book it might look like Words swallowed by holes in space If you got gold Won't you send it If you got silver Let's spend it Your light is shining in Like changing spots of sun on my skin Now i’m out, but i’m the same i’m about to see what happens to our stalwart companions Faster than their luck can run
Our whole life wedged between us — I won't move if you won't move. Tethered to my dreams. Suppose I had the power to make them real. Don't I have everything I want? Don't I have everything I want? Our whole life printed it in a book, like everyone before us. I won't move if you won't move. I won't move if you won't move. I stopped making wishes, but I'm still superstitious. So step back on my foot, and don't forget to say good night. I won't move if you won't move. I won't move if you won't move.
Soyuz 04:02
Nobody throws a goodbye dance quite like you Glitter gold on the racing stripe of my tuxedo pants And in your eyelash glue And the next thing you know I’m walking away from the wreck My ribcage hurts like heck The fins are all dripping rocket fuel To rain on someone’s barbeque )Here’s another one from our spaceship days… when our pods finally docked I punched that button I don’t know how many different ways The doors to the bridge were rusted shut And what do you know after all that fuss I’d managed to release the finale balloon You lifted your hem and with that spiked heel of yours Brought it down on the moon You’re a little too Mayflower You’re no Leonardo on the bridge I thought I had a little more time Then came Soyuz Nobody throws a heroes parade quite like us Glitter gold falling from my jacket lapels returning to cosmic dust Streamers winding backward like crepe paper corkscrews Light from galaxies pulling apart make the shape of a horseshoe I was a little too Mayflower A little less Leonardo on the bridge Either way I’m hitting iceberg or Plymouth Then came soyuz.
Empty Pages 04:17
outside the world is shaking but the sky above’s still blue no force could ever manage to untangle you generations, generations before us brothers, sisters exist in you all the old pages have turned, and now theyre empty, at last you can do anything that you wanna do you can start anew in some foggy dream someone’s calling out your name you don’t look back, but it’s all the same generations, generations, to come i wonder, i wonder if they’ll look like you but all the old pages have turned, and now theyre empty, at last you can do anything that you wanna do you can start anew, you can start anew
Open Shades 03:57
here i come like an avalanche feeling for the doorknob i tumble out into the snow like somebody you love’s dark secrets, once you know, you know you cant unknow here i come like im a hundred years late like gravity lettin me go like open shades letting in a wedge of light nothing can stop me now x4 here i come, like a childhood dream breaking out of this town kicking up that muddy snow running past the church marquee, ive got nothing to say nothing can stop me now


released September 28, 2018

Written, recorded, & produced by Anar Badalov in 2017 and 2018. Lyrics on ‘Boy’s Own’ / lyrics & vocals on ‘Soyuz’ by Frank Menchaca.


all rights reserved



New Dog Denver, Colorado

new dog is anar badalov, publishing guy by day, amateur boxer and songscribbler by night; formerly of the bands metal hearts and travels.

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