Teeth Marks

by New Dog

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Teeth Marks was mostly self-recorded in my bathtub over the course of a few months in 2015. It's my 9th album (3rd solo).

"... one of 2016's most honest records. It's an album to delve into and in which to find beauty." (Drowned in Sound, 8/10)

"... an eloquent snapshot of dystopia." (Exclaim! 8/10)

“… With menacing piano and hushed lyrics, the cacophonous cabaret of lead single ‘Lover's Palm’ unfolds like a John Carpenter score to a David Lynch film.” (Bucket Full of Nails)

"... the sort of record that enfolds me, transports me, and calms me. It has depths to be plumbed, sonically and lyrically. It rewards those who take time with it, as opposed to trying to digest it on the fly. It is a grower, and it requires you to wait. But it rewards those who delve into the record with a singular, intriguing, mesmerizing experience." (Independent Clauses)

"While the new long-player doesn't stray wildly from the course plotted by two fine, noir-tinged and tension-filled predecessors, it feels brighter, louder, more potent and in places even inviting." (Clicky Clicky)

Previous records have been called "Intimate and intense... a safe house in a world of confusion" (Tiny Mix tapes); "Intimately taut and emotionally wrought" (Baltimore City Paper); and "Both ominous and amorous at once" (Boston Globe).


released March 4, 2016

all songs written, performed, and recorded by Anar Badalov,
except Sudden Amnesia, written by Frank Menchaca, arranged and performed by Badalov.
mastered by Yoz.
photograph on cover by Devin Rajaram.
big thanks to Aran Epochal and the Lokal Rekorc collective.
biggest thanks to mish.

© 2016 New Dog
℗ Heart of a Dog (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


New Dog Somerville, Massachusetts

new dog is anar badalov, publishing guy by day, amateur boxer and songscribbler by night; formerly of the bands metal hearts and travels.

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Track Name: 3 A.M.
the thump of a kick, 3 a.m., i'm buzzing
pouring out of a warehouse and into the rain.
I'm digging for a smoke and i can hardly remember my name
or why i came.
You're cracking each others backs and i'm crackin up,
leaning on a trash can.
I'll tell you anything you want to know, if you just let me walk you home.

Cops are turning the corner.
I don't want to be too old for this.
I get up, I walk around, pick a bottle up off the ground,
wipe off the lipstick and take a sip.
Track Name: Home by Five
In the morning I wrote down all my dreams,
when i read them later they didn't mean a thing to me.
It said there were all these hooks and then they disappeared.
It said there were all these places that have yet to be discovered,
where everything was blue and fish could breathe out of water.

I sat down to write a song about my hometown,
had nothing to say cause i was too young to have any fun then.
So i trashed that and thought about my new home,
but life is boring, isn't it, when you're not a stranger anymore?

I like my job cause i'm home by five,
I don't have a kid yet, but i have a wife,
I wear my ring but it's never too tight.
Life is boring, isn't it?
Track Name: Here All Days
All the hours i've been losing at my desk--
you can empty the trash but you can't undo the rest.
Outside, it's the first day of summer;
I keep one eye on it.
Another season gone, it's come to a close,
and i'm just waiting on the bus reading the horoscopes
of all the people that I love.
I can count you on one hand;
the other one I keep in my pocket.

Some trust the moon they've known since birth,
some hang onto their mothers' words
some will be reminded soon that they both can turn.

When i see those teeth marks down my arm,
I know you'll be home, and that's enough.
My heroes are falling one by one,
my friends are losing touch, but that's alright.
My dad he taught me never to run.
My dad he taught me never to run.
Track Name: Lover's Palm
We were talking about the past,
making claims to who did what and when.
Now i'm out here in a field, making peace with ordinary things.
Tonight, i'll sleep by the glow-in-the-dark poster, and if you look closer
you can see the stars shimmer and flitter like ghosts.

Does it make you anxious? Does it turn you around in your sleep?
Does it keep you up all night?
When the dead look back in the dead of night, can they possibly forget when the moon was their only source of light? I really don't think so.

We were drunk in a fog, young in love, eternally fucked.
Now you are reading your lover's palm, wherever you are.
Wherever you are.
Tonight, i'm going to meet you in your dreams.
I'm going to catch that bird, that song, that smoke, the smell you love in a jar.
Track Name: Joe Brainard's Idea
i remember all the capitals of the states.
i remember sitting up straight so i could be like them.
i remember daydreaming--i was the hero, i was your best friend.
i remember burning in my throat when i tried to keep it together.
i remember hot nights, dog fights, flashlights in the alley.
i remember getting too big for my clothes. Residual love
year after year
year after year

i remember smoke in the backseat, ash in my hair.
i remember halloween dressed up like a girl, and strangers couldn't tell.
i remember the smell of cold leather coming through the door.
i remember crosses by the side of the road.
i remember horses on parade.
i remember outside on a blanket at night, a thousand sparking eyes looking down at us.
Track Name: Sudden Amnesia
A nation of islands finds undiscovered land.
Amusing its sullen monarchs are beetles the size of hands.
Falling off the faces of the earth.

The bull in the chinashop's been replaced by an elephant
wanting to know--is this the pagoda where the ivory went?
Falling off the faces of the earth.

Day at the races, night in Tunisia
the name of the horse was Sudden Amnesia.
Track Name: Nothing Has Changed
Out there in the distance, oh how time shuffled by.
Dark morning light unraveling the night.
I'm in my hometown catching a movie at the Charles.
I sold all of these memories so I could leave and buy new ones.
Nothing has changed. Nobody has changed.

I'm staring at every face that i pass, looking for one i might recognize.
Every home and every bar looks like it's changed until you step inside.
Nothing has changed. Nobody has changed.
I'm still hanging in the back of the room; you're still drinking in the afternoon.
Track Name: The Party
There's a party in the afternoon,
too early for dancing.
Fix me a drink and i'll hum a tune, embarrassed.
Show me a move and I can repeat it.

I combed my hair for the occasion, uncompleted.
I grazed the room 'til it receded.
Erased our past, but couldn't delete it.
I'm lookin' at you and i can't believe it.

I'm lookin over your shoulder.
The heart of your machine is under a cracked screen, honey,
telling you it's time to go.

It's not a birthday or a a holiday.
It's not an anniversary.
The banks are open, and kids are yelling hey.
Track Name: Too Far
I'm not gonna lie to you. I've seen him in the alley, i've seen him at the bar.
He'll take your drink and you'll buy him another; he's done it before.
His eyes are empty rivers on a plain, but you still want to see him,
you want to get to know him.
He's throwing a party, but he won't be there, and you'll love him more for it.

The hair in your drain was light but now it's dark.
Black cat in a bad dream saw his face in the mirror.
You can't turn back. You're too far.
You've opened the door.
Track Name: Would You Let Me In?
It takes this, summer and this, running past the schoolyard playground.
Kids are crying like trumpets in the distance.
It takes this, summer and this, running past our old apartment.
Neighbors I still recognize, but I forgot their names.

Would you let me in? Would you let me in?

It took ten years to find my voice, and a minute to lose it.
It took this, summer and this stoplight to remind me

There's more i want to say. There's more i want to say.
Would you let me in? Would you let me in?
Would you let me in? Would you let me in?